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The Transparent Investor Community

A Social Network For Investors by Investors:

  • Fostering transparency in syndications/private placements

  • Bringing together investors and industry experts

  • Sharing knowledge for informed investment decisions

  • Open source listings of 506 (c) offerings

  • Discuss offerings with sponsors and other investors before investing

  • Verified users only

Why Alternative Investors Network?

Have you been wondering whether a new private placement offering makes sense and wanted to discuss the opportunity with other investors? Until now, your options have been either finding interested investors on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. (good luck finding them among tens of thousand of members in various groups and figuring out who you can trust, who is real and who is fake...) or at in-person events (very time consuming and costly to travel and finding a participant who happens to be interested in the same offering will still be difficult).

AIN Alternative Investors Network to the rescue! We bring together investors who are interested in alternative/direct investments in general. Whether your focus is real estate, precious metals, crypto, oil & gas, etc. This is your community! A community of verified members that fosters transparency of those investment vehicles, specifically private placement offerings (aka syndications). That transparency and sharing of knowledge among industry participants will help new and seasoned investors with their investment decisions in alternative/direct investments.

The Results You'll Get

Our community is unique. We’re focused on fostering discussion among members of various alternative investment opportunities in an open format.

Unlike other community platforms that promote "preferred" partners, syndicators, and vendors (naturally for a fee), we do not accept any compensation from anyone offering an investment or services. Therefore, we are not forced to recommend anyone and are truly independent from any influence from syndicators, vendors, etc.

Unlike the typical and free social media groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., your personal information and your posts are not sold to third parties. Moreover, unlike Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., every member on Alternative Investors Network is verified by us so you can be confident that you interact with real people only and nobody who is hiding behind a fake name.

Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member of AIN Alternative Investors Network:

  • Connect with like-minded investors, share insights and expertise in alternative investments.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of private placement offerings and syndications, while enhancing your investment decisions.
  • Receive support from a trusted, verified community committed to fostering transparency in the world of alternative assets investing.
  • Open forum ability to inquire and discuss 506 (c) offerings as well as explore markets with sponsors and other investors.

When You Join Today

When you join AIN Alternative Investors Network today, you’ll get access to:

  • Alternative Investment Network: Read about and discuss various 506 (c) offerings, ask questions and gain a better understanding of future offerings. Ability to connect with other members right here on this platform. Are you a deal sponsor? Upon request, we will allow you to moderate the room of your offering, allowing you to interact with interested members and answer questions from prospective investors.
  • Daily Feed: Gain market insight and updates impacting future and current deals right in one location. Receive market reports from asset experts, giving you the heads up on industry news. Find new 506 (c) offerings shared directly with you and tailor your interest.
  • Continuous Communication: With our network of verified users, you will be able to maintain contact on offerings before and after they close. Ask due diligence questions, yielding certainty in your investment decision. Reach out to deal sponsors and other co-investors to keep current with all news and insight on your investment.

Why Verified Members?

It is crucially important for members to have a safe space to interact with other members. Unlike social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. where it is easy to impersonate someone or pretend to be a someone who does not exist in real life, Alternative Investors Network will go through multiple steps to verify that each member is the person he/she claims to be. We require everyone to sign up with their real first and last names, no made-up user names. In order to maintain transparency in our community and to prevent spam as well as bullying, insisting on real first and last names is essential. 

Strictly NO Unapproved Soliciations

To keep the community free from spam and an onslaught of solicitations for investments and services, Alternative Investors Network has a strict no soliciation policy except for dedicated areas that are created for one specific investment offering and a member has the freedom to join or not. Members that violate the no solicitation policy will be removed from Alternative Investors Network.